Umkehrosmoseanlage für 750L/h Permeat

M41RO03E (The 4 designates 4 inch housing, the 1 elements in length, and the R0XX the quantity) * Choice of different membranes NF/ RO, brackish water or low energy TFC membranes to ensure optimum water quality * High pressure 316 stainless steel vertical multistage feed pump * RO pressure vessel (31 bar) for flexible use on low temperature and high TDS feed waters * PVC low pressure feed, product and reject piping, 316L stainless steel high pressure piping * stainless steel frame SS 304 * Dry contacts are provided for chemical pumps, pretreatment equipment, storage tank levels and pressure switches * All alarm and shut down conditions are indicated on the control interface * Economy M41E – Controlled by microcontroller and user friendly screen Human Machine Interface (HMI) * Optional pH/ORP Monitor and valve position indicator switch are available on all models. Flow Rate Specifications m³/h Nominal * Product: 0,75 * Feed: 0,94 * Reject: 0,19 * Recycle: 0,75 Vessel Staging: 1:1:1 High Voltage Service: 400 VAC 3ph for further details: "M41 NF / RO Units"
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