EM82R004 Deluxe LPR_MEM PosSwitch

Ready frame mounted industrial Reverse Osmosis Unit with 004 8"modules at nominal flow rate of 4 m³/h. Details see attached product description Control with Microcontroler fully automatic monitoring and control of reverse osmosis. controller is equipped with an conductivity meter without temperature meter. There are six possible stages : "Stand by", "Production", "Rinse after production", "Rinse during standby", "Rinse during production" and "Maintenance". Features Display text in English, French, German or Dutch Simple operation by means of a few clear operating symbols 2 inputs: container full and container empty 2 programmable inputs: stop, excess pressure, concentrate, ext. signal switch or low water level 1 optional programmable input (IF circuit board) Inputs programmable active open or closed 1 connection for conductivity sensor (cell constant programmable from 0,01 to 10,00 cm-1) Manual temperature compensation 3 Outputs: High pressure pump, inlet valve, and concentrate rinse valve 2 optional programmable outputs: dosing, extra program, permeate valve or indicator relay (IF circuit board) Output relay programmable active under current or not under current Secure from power failure as all data is stored long-term without battery Available (input /output) : 230/230VAC
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